The Pros and Cons of In-Play Sports Betting

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If you’ve ever dreamed of winning money betting on sports, Minnesota is just a few years away from becoming a legal sports betting state. Legislation on the issue passed the Senate finance committee in May, but the issue of tribal exclusivity has made compromise difficult. It now seems like 2023 is the best time for Minnesota to approve sports betting. Meanwhile, Missouri, spurred by neighboring Kansas, had a difficult time reaching a sports betting agreement with local casinos. Eventually, the legislature adjourned without approving sports betting.

In-play betting

The benefits of in-play sports betting are numerous. Many scholars have speculated that they may lead to prolonged and unplanned problem gambling. Others argue that they may increase the perceived skill level of participants. Regardless, in-play betting can make sports more exciting and enjoyable for spectators. It is important to keep these factors in mind. The pros and cons of in-play betting are discussed below. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of this type of betting.

Futures wagers

For those who enjoy predicting outcomes and locking up their bankroll, futures wagers on sports betting are for you. Unlike a standard wager, futures are more complex, meaning they can remain unsettled for days, weeks, or even months. Whether you’re placing a wager on a championship game, World Series, or Masters game, futures prices can go up or down dramatically based on recent play, breaking news, and more.

Dime lines

The term “dime line” in sports betting refers to the difference between the favorite’s price and the underdog’s price. For example, in Yankee Stadium, the New York Yankees are a -140 favorite over the Toronto Blue Jays. The difference between these two numbers is one dime. If the Yankees win by a run, their total wager must be $110 in order to make a profit of $100.


A parlay is a bet in which you place multiple wagers, either individually or in a single accumulator or combo. The success of the entire parlay depends on each of the bets winning. The same goes for an accumulator. Its winning odds are dependent on all the wagers winning together. Parlays are a great way to maximize your sports betting profit! Here’s how to place a winning parlay!


A teaser bet consists of two or more bets. Some sportsbooks require three. The more bets you place, the higher the potential payout, but the riskier the bet is. When using a teaser, make sure all bets win. If one of the games loses, the entire teaser is considered a loss. The payouts for teasers depend on the sportsbook and the outcome.

Legalization of sports betting

Whether you’re a fan of sports, fantasy sports, or just like to watch a game, you can bet on it. Legalizing sports betting could increase sports engagement and popularity while raising ethical questions. Here are some of the things to consider when legalizing sports betting. Listed below are some of the possible impacts. -How will it affect fantasy sports? -How will legalized sports betting affect fantasy sports?