Private Investigators Maryland

Private Investigators Maryland; Protection Security Associates offers a wide range of investigation services, tailored to suit your needs. PSA utilizes the latest surveillance equipment capable of capturing video or stills from miles away undetected. When it comes to investigation services, there is generally a broad set of unique objectives and challenges for each client. Above and below you will find a listing of services that we offer. Discretion is always a top priority with all we serve. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs at 443-570-1556. Rated Best Private Investigator in Baltimore 2016 & 2017.

• Corporate Investigations
• Background Investigations
• Civil & Criminal Investigations
• Domestic Investigations
• Elder Abuse
• Human Trafficking
• Infidelity Investigations
• Identity Theft Investigations
• Internet Investigations
• People, Witness and Heir Locates
• Property, Asset & Financial Investigations
• Security Consultations
• Hi-Tech Surveillance
• Undercover Operations


Private Investigators Maryland; PSA provides the latest training and equipment available for investigators to produce the results you are after. PSA belongs to several associations and organizations providing up-to-date training for our agency. As you read the following information you will better understand what to look for when hiring investigators.

When hiring investigators you want to make sure the agency or person is licensed in the state you will need services. Licensing varies from state to state, so be sure to ask the investigator to provide documentation to substantiate licensing to do business in the state they claim to conduct business.

Once you find a private investigator make sure you feel comfortable confiding in the investigator the personal details of your situation. In many cases, clients withhold information important to their case because they do not feel 100% comfortable with the investigator. You are wasting your time and money if this happens. A trained investigator will discuss all aspects of the case with you explaining the process and answering all your questions and concerns. When hiring investigators they should provide all information pertaining to hourly, daily and weekly rates to investigate your case. He should also explain the rates for background searches, mileage and travel if needed.

Once the initial face to face meeting has occurred, the investigator should meet with the client in person or over the phone weekly or more frequently if needed to discuss the progress in their case. Once the investigation concludes the investigator should meet the client with all the information gathered during the investigation.