Q1: Who is Protection Security Associates, Inc (PSA)?

A1: PSA is a personal protection, security and investigation agency that also provides superior training programs, based in and operated from the state of Maryland.

Q2: How long has PSA been in business?

A2: PSA has been licensed by the Maryland State Police in the state of Maryland since 2003 as a Security, Executive Protection and Detective Agency.

Q3: How did you get started as a company?

A3: PSA was formed arising from a need for a professional, superior approach in providing security and investigative services in the protection industry.

Q4: What sets your company apart from the rest?

A4: PSA adheres to the highest standards in the security, protection, investigative and training industry. The owner, Joe Mehl, is personally involved in all aspect of the client’s specific needs.

Q5: Why should I hire your company?

A5: When you hire PSA, during our first meeting, you will immediately notice our high-quality standards of service and professionalism along with our attention to every detail and concerns you may have. Our detectives and investigators use the latest technology in surveillance to provide our clients with the results they need. When hired for protection and security services, you will notice our agents’ professional demeanour and their ability to stay proactive utilizing the “Secret Service” style format.

Q6: What can I expect to happen when I hire your company?

A6: From the advance work that covering every aspect of the upcoming assignment, event or investigation, to the complete and thorough activity reports and continuous communication, you will recognize PSA’s high standards of service and professionalism.  This recognition is the reason PSA has a growing number of satisfied clients who continually hire us for their security and investigative needs.

Q7: Who are the operatives of the organization?

A7: PSA operatives come from specialized law enforcement, military and investigative backgrounds. We have agents and detectives from the Federal and State level along with certified executive protection agents and personnel who understand our philosophies in doing business.

Q8: How do we know you can do what you say you can?

A8: We have an ever-growing list of clients and references, along with letters of recommendation can provide. (We respect the Privacy of our clients and only share references from those clients who have granted permission to do so).

Q9: How quickly can PSA respond to my situation?

Q9: PSA has armed emergency response teams ready to respond to any emergency within hours of the call to our emergency call center. All clients under contract receive this level of service.

Q10: What would I have to do to hire your company?

A10: To schedule your personal consultation, contact PSA by calling: 877.792.8227 or send an email to us through our contact page.