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Security Guard Services Maryland; Today’s criminal element and terrorist threats to our country have called for an evolution in domestic security operators. Gone are the days of being reactive, and simply observe and report. Security operators today must have active shooter and protection training, maintaining a proactive approach to eliminate the threats before they happen. PSA adopted this philosophy and approach many years ago and remains a leader in the industry today. Like it or not the active shooter is part of the landscape we live in today. While you are reading this someone is already planning the next attack. There is no blueprint for an Active Shooter. Preparedness is the key to minimizing the risk and surviving during an active shooter attack. Visit our Linked In Page.

Corporate Security Services 


Security Guard Services Maryland – Corporate Security Teams; PSA builds long-term corporate clients by building a corporate security team for their specific business, logistics and needs. Our corporate security specialist understands the need for discretion while working for the client. Our corporate security teams operate under the Executive Protection protocols. We offer comprehensive corporate security services for executives and employees alike when working in or visiting unsecured areas. Intellectual Property is the bedrock of many industries.

We ensure your company’s ideas and confidential materials remain protected. Hard Assets require time and investment to acquire; PSA can protect those assets from theft or damage, and help you map out the most effective ways to safeguard against such problems.

Globalization has changed the structure and pace of corporate life; the saturation of traditional markets is taking companies to more risky places; New business practices such as offshoring challenge companies to manage at a distance; and new forms of accountability, such as corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, put added pressure on companies to match their words with deeds, wherever they are operating.

At the same time, corporate security risks have become more complex. Many of the threats, such as terrorism, organized crime, and information security, are asymmetric and networked, making them more difficult to manage. There is also a much greater appreciation of the interdependence between a company’s risk portfolio and the way it does business: certain types of behaviour can enhance or undermine an organization’s ‘licence to operate’, and in some cases can generate risks that would not otherwise exist. As a result, security has a higher profile in the corporate world today than it did five years ago. Companies are looking for new ways to manage these risks and the portfolio of the corporate security department has widened to include shared responsibility for things such as reputation, corporate governance and regulation, corporate social responsibility and information assurance.

There are four characteristics of alignment between security and the business:

  1. Corporate security is there to help the company to take risks rather than prevent them and should, therefore be at the forefront of new business development.
  2. Corporate security constantly responds to new business concerns and, as such, the portfolio of responsibilities and their relative importance will change over time. Security departments should never stand still or become fixed entities. In many companies today, its role is more concerned with overall corporate resilience than ‘traditional’ security.
  3. Corporate security is both a strategic and operational, and departments must distinguish between these two layers.
  4. The power and legitimacy of the corporate security department come from its expert knowledge of the business acumen, people skills, management ability and communication expertise.
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