Personal Protection SpecialistPersonal Protection

PSA is recognized as experts in Executive Protection and Personal Protection Specialist services. Our client list consists of members of The United States Congress and Senate along with Governors of several states. PSA also provides protection services to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Our personal protection specialist from various backgrounds to include our military, State and Federal law enforcement including retired US Secret Service. Regardless of the personal protection officers background, they must undergo a rigid screening process. Once the officers pass the background process, they are cross-trained to ensure the agents meet all PSA standards. Once hired the agents complete ongoing in-service training to ensure proper training in procedures and threats.

PSA provides private aircraft and secure transportation, including armored vehicles. The secret to a successful protection detail lies in the advance detail. When the primary detail arrives on location the routes, hotel, venue, and vehicles are secured providing a seamless protection detail for the principle.

A personal protection specialist (PPS) role might involve protecting wealthy people, political figures, celebrities, visiting dignitaries or various professionals. A bodyguard protects clients from threats, imminent dangers, and even possible kidnapping. PPS training depends on the particular type of work. The job may involve being armed or dressing in street clothes to avoid attention and find potential risks.

When hired to protect someone, the day can start with being informed about a client’s itinerary. Your job might include checking the background of anyone who has personal contact with the client, making sure people have been verified to deal with the client. You might receive a brief from a client and be advised about possible threats or asked to conduct a threat assessment. Your job could include profiling particular people or groups identified to possibly cause harm to your client. personal protection specialist duties often include research and intelligence gathering to identify risk factors or form an operational plan for your client’s protection.