Executive ProtectionExecutive Protection

Corporate executives, celebrities, dignitaries, high-profile individuals and their families are increasingly at risk of kidnapping, criminal assault and miscellaneous threats. Protection Security Associates executive protection agents are experienced and trained to reduce these risks while maintaining a regular routine; discretion is our primary focus.

PSA executive protection agents are held to the Highest Standards. They possess a wide range of mental and physical skills developed through extensive training and real-world applications. By emphasising preparation over brute force, our executive protection agents implement proven US Secret Service and corporate protection best practices to identify threats and reduce risk.

The key to minimizing risk is with the advance detail visiting all points of a client’s itinerary prior to his/her arrival; our agents assess threats and gather protective intelligence, then write a security plan which includes primary and secondary routes, the nearest trauma hospitals, safe rooms, restrooms, and front and back entrances. Agents meet in advance with key personnel at each location and always have backup plans ready to avert a possible threat. PSA maintains data of continuously updated advance information for each client and each frequent location they visit.

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PSA  agents must complete a rigorous training, education, and certification process. These executive protection agents perform the necessary threat assessments, advance work and planning, logistics, emergency medical response, communications and surveillance required in improving the safety and security of our clients, domestically and around the world.

Executive Protection is not only about fighting, using a gun. Its Focus is proactive and preventative measures so no security incident ever occurs. Executive protection is its own highly specialised field within the private security industry. Elite executive protection professionals will have specialised training in executive protection, driving, first aid, and marksmanship. The term executive protection was coined in the 1970s by the United States Secret Service when they created the executive protection service to guard visiting foreign dignitaries.

In the United States, executive protection services are regulated at the state level and in most cases require licensing, insurance, training and a separate concealed carry permit.  Hiring unlicensed, uninsured protection agents/bodyguards create direct liability for the client including the hiring agency.

Any bona fide executive protection firm should be able to provide a prospective client with their:

  • State-issued Corporate Business License
  • State-issued registration to provide protective servicesExecutive Protection
  • Copy of current liability insurance
  • Personal certificates of initial and on-going executive protection training for each agent
  • State-issued registrations to provide protective services for each agent
  • State-issued registrations allowing the agent to carry weapons for professional use
  • State-issued concealed carry permits for each agent

An executive protection team may have agents performing in a variety of roles to better protect the client, including:

  • Detail Leader
  • Assistant Detail Leader (Detail Manager)
  • Tactical Commander
  • Motorcade Lead
  • Advance Lead
  • Mobile Agent
  • Static Agent
  • Protective Intelligence Agent